Hum 8: Why do people move?

Part 1: Immigration to the USA

Part 2: Historical Fiction Narrative Writing  (share assignment) 

a) Read Aloud: Boxes for Katje

What craft moves do historical fiction writers make when writing narrative?  Let’s do a “close read” by looking through the following lenses…

  • Meaning
  • Structure
  • Craft
  • Elaboration
  • Conventions

b) What stories and social issues might you be more interested in exploring when writing your Historical Fiction Narrative?  Take this time to jot down at least three social issues from the Industrial Revolution that are interesting to you, and that we have touched upon in class.

When collecting ideas for historical fiction…

  • writers find stories that are both personal and historical.  
  • writers find stories by looking at daily life and personal days.
  • writes find stories by studying timelines of actual events.
  • writers find stories based on ideas in photographs and images from that period.


  1. Independently Read
  2. Collect a minimum of three story ideas that are personally and historically related to the Industrial Revolution.  Be prepared to share the evidence from where your story ideas came from — (examples of daily life, timelines of actual events, photographs from the time period).

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