Skullduggery in Paris + One Ruler for All!

Ahoy there,

First, we look at what some sassy satirists have done in Paris:


Then we’ll read chapter 3 of Animal Farm.

Next, you are going to put yourself in the shoes of Stalin and Napoleon and create an image of yourself as an all-powerful ruler!

Five Slide Presentation:

  1. Your name: Consider a nickname or a name with royal implications…maybe a name that strikes fear in the hearts of your subjects. Perhaps you will be a benevolent ruler. How can you inspire confidence and devotion from the populace in a nice way?
  2. Cult of Personality: How will you build your image? What myths about yourself can you create to inspire awe and worship?
  3. Control Tactics and Media Usage: What methods will you use to keep people in line? Even if you are a kind ruler, you must outline ways to keep citizens from acting out in defiance of laws.
  4. Choose three people to help you rule. What will their titles be? What are their responsibilities? Which one will you most likely accuse of treachery when your paranoia gets out of control?
  5. What are the Seven Commandments of your society?

Have fun!

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