The Plan for Today

Hey all,

I’m out sick today, so you’re going to be doing some reading on your own and working on your book talk speech outlines.

You can find the readings about Stalin here:

Stalin Readings

Today you’ll read 00-03, and begin to get an idea of where he comes from. Remember that our plan is to determine whether he was good or bad.

In your notebooks, write down the main idea and three supporting details for each chapter. They’re very short, so it shouldn’t take as long as it may seem at first.

After that, you have the rest of the period to work on your book talk speeches. Update on that: we’ll begin them on Monday instead of tomorrow. What you can do for homework is this: find lyrics to a song that you will present tomorrow as a speech (not singing). Time frame is 1-2 minutes. The idea is that you will focus on eye contact, body language, and voice projection. Should be fun! Choose wisely…

Until tomorrow,

Mr. McDavitt

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