First Post of the New Year!

Hey there!

It’s a great day to be a Humanities student!

After the bellwork we’re going to be examining this short story for elements of characterization.


How do authors develop characters?

Please open this story in Notability:

Gentleman of Rio in Medio

Also peep this!

your comic


And then on to chapter 2! We’ll see the setting develop and the tension will rise!

Lastly, here are some helpful sentence frames that will help you to have clarity in your writing.

Make a point:

    • The central idea from (the text) is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, (author) claims that (idea).
    • (Idea) is the main idea of the (the text).
    • The argument in the text is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, the author’s point of view is (idea/claim)

Show your proof:

    • For example, in the text, it says “_______”.
    • For instance, the author states that “________”.
    • An example of this is “_____________”
    • Furthermore, in the text, the author argues that “_________”.
    • According to the (website,newspaper/text), “__________”.

Make your comments:

    • This evidence suggests that _____ because _______.
    • This shows that _____ because ________.
    • This demonstrates why/how ___________.
    • This is significant because ___________.
    • Such evidence highlights the ways in which _________.
    • The author’s use of _________ illustrates how _____.
    • The author’s reasoning clearly shows how ______.

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