So, Like, I Like . . .Like, You Know?

Hey Feedsters,

We’ve looked at the first couple episodes of Do Not Track. It’s time to delve deeper into what all your “likings” mean to the data miners of the world. You should have received an email notifying you of the availability of the new episode. If not, you can find it here: Episode 3.

If you’ve been absent, you’ll need to go back and watch the first two. You can find them here: Episodes.

Episode 3 asks you to log in with your Facebook account (if you have one). I’ve gotten the okay from Ms. Cullen, so don’t sweat it (but don’t be Facebookin’!).

After watching, answer the following questions in your “Feed + Science Fiction” document:

1. How accurate was the information about you?

2. Is it fair that the insurance company decided the woman was no longer depressed? Why or why not?

Remember the reference to the “Eloi” in Feed? Violet’s dad went all fugue on Titus for not knowing, and they had that battles of wills regarding look it up vs. tell me? Did you look it up? No?! That’s soooooo null of you!

Just kidding! I also didn’t know when I read the book the first time. It’s an allusion to a novel by H.G. Wells called The Time Machine. He wrote it way back in 1895.

Peep this:


Watch this:

Time Traveler with the Eloi

Answer this:

What is the significance of the book turning to dust? How does it relate to Feed?

Extra time can be spent working on your literary essay.

Feed test tomorrow!

Have fun!

Mr. McDavitt

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