Coville Short Stories and Socratic Seminar Questions


Here is the link to the short stories by Bruce Coville (password is aestigers):

Short Stories

And here are the questions to consider for the Socratic Seminars on Monday:

  1.   By the end of the novel had Titus changed for the better?  Will he begin to question the society around him or is he just a jerk concerned with how others view him?
  2.   MT Anderson dedicates the book “To all those who resist the feed.” What does it mean to resist the feed? In what ways do you (or people you know) resist the feed?
  3.   In a consumer society, once things have outlived their usefulness, they tend to be discarded.  How might this affect the way people interact with one another?  How might it affect the way the way they think?
  4.   On page 202, Violet screams at Titus and the group playing Spin the Bottle at the party, “You don’t have the feed. You are the feed. You’re feed. You’re being eaten. You’re raised for food.” What do you think she means by this?
  5.   Language is an important stylistic choice in the novel. Does the slang and informal use of language in Feed detract from the novel or add to the message of the novel?
  6.   A definition of Science Fiction: A work of fiction with a futuristic setting that contains scientific or technological advancements. However, while the plot, characters, and setting may be futuristic in nature, the author makes commentary about the world TODAY, usually of a social or political nature.

7. In Feed, what commentary is MT Anderson providing about the world today and how does he effectively communicate that commentary?

8.  Is the feed good or bad?


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