Color Coding Fun Time

Hi all,

Just a reminder here that the color coding needs to be as follows in the chart below. You can remove the green from the transitions as that won’t be assessed on the rubric which you may see here:

POP Paper Rubric

Take the time today or over the weekend to assess where you are on the rubric. Go line by line and make sure you have everything you need.

Color: Used for:
Blue Your own ideas or common knowledge (no in-text citation required)
Red Direct quotations (in-text citation required)
Black Your own paraphrasing of someone else’s ideas (in-text citation required)

Remember to underline your thesis statement! No need to underline topic sentences!

When you feel you have done everything you can do, it’s time to start thinking about the eBook. Look at your evidence and think about bringing it to life with charts, graphs, and, best of all, infographics.

Also be thinking about how you’re going to record your interviews, and start thinking about adding Soundcloud files to your eBook.

Enjoy your long weekend,

Mr. McDavitt

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