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Hello all,

I hope the long weekend was good to you. The next couple days will be all about fine tuning those essays and working on the eBook, too.

Also, you’ll need to start thinking about how you are going to present to your parents in the student-led conferences.

First, let’s look at this article together:

Dubai Project

Aaaaaand now, SLC presentations:

Slide 1:

Independent Reading. Are you reading on your own? Are you challenging yourself with harder texts? Different genres? Are you keeping track of your reading with a log or digital diary? Are you using tools like “Goodreads” and the library website to search for new titles? What are two goals you have for the rest of the year?

Slide 2:

Learning habits. How are you doing with these? Responsible, Perseverant, Collaborative, and Respectful.

Slide 3:

PPC. Do you feel you’ve been able to understand how a PPC is constructed? Do you see why good evidence is crucial and that it’s important to be able to support your thoughts? What questions remain about this concept?

Slide 4:

Paraphrasing. Can you explain what it is? Please paste in your best example of paraphrasing.

Slide 5:

The Africa Essay. What challenges did you have to overcome in getting this done? What was difficult? What was easy? What are your thoughts about colonialism?

Slide 6:

The POP Paper. This should be easy to come up with conversation/reflection topics. How do you feel about a project with so many pieces? How challenging was it to look at the databases? How was your reading stamina tested? Did NoodleTools help? Can you imagine a different way of organizing your thinking/research? How has your thinking developed about India and the population issues? Did you find interesting solutions in your research?

Keep the text to a minimum. You want images to express your thoughts on these topics.


Mr. McDavitt


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