Continuing to Explore Population Dynamics

Happy Wednesday,

Today we’ll finish watching the Hans Rosling video. Do you agree with him? Should we all be cautious not to panic? And what do you make of the differences in medium?

Then we’ll look at this article from the BBC:

India’s exploited child cotton workers

There is also a video version of the story. We’ll look at it and determine differences in the formats.

We’ll spend time in class writing PPC’s about our impressions and finish them for homework.


  • Make a POINT:
    • The central idea from (the text) is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, (author) claims that (idea).
    • (Idea) is the main idea of the (the text).
    • The argument in the text is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, the author’s point of view is (idea/claim)
  • PROVE your point:
    • For example, in the text, it says “_______”.
    • For instance, the author states that “________”.
    • An example of this is “_____________”
    • Furthermore, in the text, the author argues that “_________”.
    • According to the (website,newspaper/text), “__________”.
  • COMMENT on how your proof explains your point.
    • This evidence suggests that _____ because _______.
    • This shows that _____ because ________.
    • This demonstrates why/how ___________.
    • This is significant because ___________.
    • Such evidence highlights the ways in which _________.
    • The author’s use of _________ illustrates how _____.
    • The author’s reasoning clearly shows how ______.

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