Population Investigation

Happy Tuesday all,

First, a bit of housekeeping:

Pop Topic Choice Survey

We are off on our mission to explore population and its effect on the planet. Is it dire? Is everything going to be okay? Can we make a difference, or is it up to the captains of industry who are in charge of how resources are used? What role is technology playing in all of this?

Open this article in Notability:

Population Connection

You’ll take a pop quiz, and then we’ll assess how much you already know.

We will also read a short story and look at some data.

Following that, we’ll shift into a different medium: video. We’ll look at a bit of Earth 2025: Population Explosion. How does this experience differ from reading?

For homework, write a paragraph in your “Population Thoughts” document about how the mediums are different and similar.

Consider these questions:

What did you find encouraging about gender roles? Discouraging?

What is different about the experience of reading vs. watching?

Can people be natural in front of the camera?

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