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Let’s review a couple details about where we’re headed. First, the essay:

Africa Colonialism Essay

Here is a helpful schemata for you to follow while writing your essay:

  • Make a POINT:
    • The central idea from (the text) is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, (author) claims that (idea).
    • (Idea) is the main idea of the (the text).
    • The argument in the text is (idea/claim).
    • In the text, the author’s point of view is (idea/claim)
  • PROVE your point:
    • For example, in the text, it says “_______”.
    • For instance, the author states that “________”.
    • An example of this is “_____________”
    • Furthermore, in the text, the author argues that “_________”.
    • According to the (website,newspaper/text), “__________”.
  • COMMENT on how your proof explains your point.
    • This evidence suggests that _____ because _______.
    • This shows that _____ because ________.
    • This demonstrates why/how ___________.
    • This is significant because ___________.
    • Such evidence highlights the ways in which _________.
    • The author’s use of _________ illustrates how _____.
    • The author’s reasoning clearly shows how ______.

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