The Day’s Itinerary

Hey all,

I’m afraid I have to stay home today due to some bug that has invaded my person. Not pretty.

So, you are in the capable hands of another, and your charge today is to work through some paraphrasing exercises before continuing your research. Never mind that the tutorials utilize design and technology from 2002! The most important thing is to practice paraphrasing and to see good examples of what it looks like.

Start here:

Exercise #1

Practice a bit more:

Exercise #2

Now, get down to the business of your research. Use the skills you just practiced in making your own super slick paraphrased passages.

We will do the book talks tomorrow. Thank you for being prepared. Polish them up a bit more tonight. Can you think of any instrumental music you would pair with how you will deliver your talk? Will you give us an anecdote from the story? Describe a scene?

Your homework is to read for 30 minutes and work on you book talk.


Mr. McDavitt

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