Parent Pechakucha


It’s good to be back among you all.

Today, you will put together a 6-slide presentation to give during conferences. It will highlight the learning that has taken place over the year thus far.

Call it: (your name) Parent Pechakucha. Share it with me.

Some suggestions:

Slide #1: Forming PPC paragraphs. Why is is important? What makes a strong argument?

Slide #2: The Outsiders/Socratic Seminars. What is unique about this form of discourse? Which topics seemed most important? What were the big takeaways from The Outsiders?

Slide #3: Narrative writing. What are the essential elements? How did you meet the standard? Which areas will you need to improve?

Slide #4: Industrial Revolution. Causes and effects? Major innovations that came out of it? Who were some of the big names?

Slide #5: Immigration/Ellis Island. What are some push/pull reasons that people move? What was the immigrant experience like?

Slide #6: Bonus slide! Spend 30 seconds reflecting on what we’ve covered and where we are headed. What are your personal learning goals for the rest of the semester? What are you curious about? If you could plan the rest of the semester, what would you include?

Happy presenting!

Mr. McDavitt

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