Debate Reflection + WrAP

Hey there, WrAPpers,

Today we’re going to touch on what went well with the debates and what could have gone better.

Then, we’ll move on to the WrAP test. Specifically, we’ll look at what is going to be required of you and how you will be assessed.

Let’s start with the rubric:

WrAP Rubric

Next, let’s look at a writing sample and score it:

Writing Sample #1

Once you have read the sample, take a moment to look back at the rubric and give it a score for each category. It might be useful to have your iPad open with the rubric and your laptop open with the text. Scores can be recorded on a sticky note.

After we discuss your scoring, let’s look at some notes:

Sample #1 Notes

We’ll then do the same with a second sample:

Writing Sample #2

Sample #2 Notes

Remaining time today will be spent on the Writing Portfolio. You should be adding to your Ebook and working on voice overs if you have already written the texts.

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