Socratic Seminar Prep

Work in pairs to answer the following questions and make sticky notes in your text.

  • Choose a quote from the last part of the novel and explain how it is significant in terms of theme.
  • In what ways does Titus change after  being hacked? How much of his change do you think is attributed to the things Violet says vs. the situations they encounter? (Beginning of Part Two)
  • How does the Feed create social gaps between Violet an the other characters? (Chapters: Juice and The Nose Grid)
  • What are some examples of the differences between Violet and the other characters?
  • How do these social gaps play out in your lives? Does technology play a role?
  • What is your opinion of the author’s portrayal of Violet’s father? His actions toward Violet and/or Titus? (Dead Language Chapter)
  • Why does Violet call herself pretentious? What purpose does this serve in the novel? (p. 68)
  • Identify a major theme in the novel and make notes accordingly

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