Happy Monday,

Let’s warm up our brains with a little quiz about dictators:

Dictator Quiz

We’re also going to look at a couple John Green videos about globalization. But before we do that, it’s a good idea to familiarize ourselves with some of the concepts contained within. Instead of doing a Pechakucha, this time we’re going to use Tellagami. You can download it onto your iPad in just a moment.

So, it will work thusly:

1. You will be given a topic.

2. You will spend 15-20 minutes doing research about that topic.

3. You will create a 30 second script and record it in Tellagami.

4. You will make one multiple choice quiz question with four possible answers.

5. Send me the link to your presentation along with your quiz question.

We will watch the presentations and you will take notes.

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