Hey there,

We’re going to look at a short video called “Story of Stuff.” Before that, please open this document and make a copy.

I’ll ask you to make a list of the last ten things you threw away. Can you make a case for whether they were useful or necessary or extraneous?

Next, we’ll look at the Viewing Guide and make predictions about what this video will tell us. Do you think it will be propaganda? What will the nature of it be? Briefly describe your expectations.

After watching, you’ll spend some time answering the questions for discussion.

We will also look at an article that responds to the controversy around the video.

Finally, we’ll focus onĀ Feed for the remainder of class. Read aloud, discussion, and adding to the 100 words a day document. Respond to one of these questions:

What do you make of the attitudes surrounding lesions?

How integrated would you become with technology? Would you use Google Glasses? Would you allow a chip to be implanted in your skull? How far are you comfortable going with the combination of human and machine?

Homework is to read though a page to be announced.

All for now,

Mr. McDavitt

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