“Relearning the Lost Skill of Patience” and Practicing the Skill of Color-coding + Infographic Fun Time

Happy Monday,

Today you will check out an interesting article about patience.

  • Color-coding Text: Read a text and analyze it for Point, Proof, and Comment.

    • Identitfy:

      • Point: Blue

      • Proof: Red

      • Comment: Green

      • Lead-in: Canary Yellow

      • Quote: Aquamarine Blue


  • Here is the text: Text to Color-code. Make a copy and put into your Google Drive reading folder.

Once you have finished color-coding, take a look at the entire article:

The Entire Article: Relearning the Lost Skill of Patience

Now you are ready to move on to Exploitation Infographic Fun Time! Last time was just practice. This time you will do an infographic based on POP. Review the assignment here:

Exploitation Infographic Assignment + Rubric

Godspeed you!

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