PM 2.5 + How the Poor Make Decisions

Hey researchers,

If you’re doing air pollution, then you are probably interested in this PM 2.5 business. Check out what the EPA says:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on PM 2.5

Also, I was talking to one student about mental illness and the poor and how that might be an issue to explore. Take a look at this article from The Atlantic:

Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions

What do you make of this quote that I pulled from the article?

“What if the psychology of poverty, which can appear so irrational to those not in poverty, is actually “the most rational response to a world of chaos and unpredictable outcomes?”

In other words, when poor people make decisions that help them in the short term but disregard the long term, maybe that is the most logical thing to do since existence is really just a bunch of chaos.

Keep thinking!

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