Sentence Combining + Paraphrasing + Sticky Noting

Hey there. Let’s talk. It’s about your writing. Yeah, you know, you’re pretty good when you set your mind to it. But, the thing is, high school looms right around the corner. And that means serious business. I hear they make kids cry, like, every day. Just for using fragments! (Did you catch the irony there?)

So let’s work on building up the sophistication factor in your writing. Take a look at this document:

Sentence Combining

Phew! That was hard/easy/boring/fun. Let’s move on!

Garment Industry:

Article 1, Article 2

Farming Industry:

Article 3

Technology Industry:

Article 4, Article 5, Article 6

Oh, and, hey, while we’re on the subject, what comes to your mind when you read the phrase “Resource Curse”? Let’s look at what Wikipedia has to say:

Countries rich in resources such as Congo have been affected by the phenomenon referred to as “resource curse”.[17] “Resource curse” is used to describe the situation when countries that are rich in resources have poorer economic development than countries that have fewer resources.[17] This phenomenon does not allow for the Congolese to have a balanced and sustained development. It also indicates that there is a clear relationship between the wealth of resources “…and the likelihood of weak democratic development, corruption, and civil war.”[17] Such high levels of corruption lead to great political instability and issues because whoever controls the assets (mainly the political leaders, and the government in Congo) can use it to their benefit. These resources can generate wealth for these people which can be used to keep “…themselves in power, either through legal means, or coercive ones (e.g. funding militias)”.[18] The beginning of coltan as an important mineral, crucial to technological products “occurred as warlords and armies in the eastern Congo converted artisanal mining operations…into slave labour regimes to earn hard currency to finance their militias”.[19]

That’s pretty messed up, right?

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