Homework! Prepare for Socratic Seminar!

Your mission:

Answer the following questions with sticky notes in your copies of Animal Farm.

1.Napoleon and the pigs use control techniques to get the animals to do what they want. Which techniques are the most effective and why?
2.The point of view plays a major role in the way the book develops. First, identify the point of view. Then explain how irony is incorporated and the effect it has on the reader/story.
3.How do the Seven Commandments drive the plot, reveal aspects of the characters, and provoke characters’ decisions?
4.Choose a theme from the story and explain how it is revealed through plot, character and setting.
You should have three examples for each question. Remember that your notes should be the Point and the Comment. The text is the Proof.
Be prepared to discuss in a group and be able to reference the text!

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