Looking Back at Assessments; Reflecting on What We’ve Learned


I trust you have spent the last few days in a state of culinary and recreational bliss. Thanksgiving, regardless of one’s origin, can be an impetus for gluttony on many levels. I hope you were able to eat to your heart’s delight and soak up plenty of family time.

I’m going through the OPVL and the Source Analysis assessments. What I will do is this: I will pull out specific examples from your own responses that demonstrate clear understanding of the standard and an ability to synthesize in kind. I will compile them in a document along with developing responses here:

Response Examples

Read Aloud: Stalin

Read Aloud: Ch. 2

Written Response:

  • How does the behavior of the pigs foreshadow their eventual leadership positions?
  • Why don’t the pigs like the pet raven Moses’ stories about Sugarcandy Mountain?

Choose a question from chapter one and a question from chapter two to answer from this document.

Character Charts

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