Animal Farm Begins!

Happy Fake Friday!

Are you already dreaming of the hours of fun and relaxation that await you at the end of this day? Well, let the fun begin now with an introduction to one of the most captivating allegories ever written!

Allegory? What’s an allegory? Examples:¬†Avatar’s Pandora Woods = Amazon Rain Forest.

Let’s look at a deeper definition together.

Now for something a bit creepy! Perhaps a chill ran up your spine when reading¬†The Children’s Story yesterday. We’ll look at it in video form and compare. Did you see conformity and/or indoctrination?

Animal Farm! We’ll do a read aloud of chapter one, and then you’ll be on your own to read chapter two silently.

This guide will help us to understand the many layers of meaning.

Start a new folder called “Animal Farm” in your Reading Portfolio. In that folder, create a document called “Reading Responses”.

Choose a question from chapter one and a question from chapter two to answer from this document.

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