OPVL + Getting Ready for Summative Assessment

Happy Friday!

After the speeches today, we will return to the discussion of OPVL. We touched on this briefly last week. Let’s look at this document for a more detailed explanation.

Below is an example of how you would structure a paragraph response analysis.

The origin of this source is a ___________ that was written by _________ in ________ in _______. Its purpose was to _________________ so ___________________. A value of this is that it gives the perspective of __________________________. However, a limitation is that ______________________, making ___________________________.

Finally, here is the format for your formative and summative assessment on Monday.

Here is an example of what a good OPVL response would look like.

Your homework for the weekend is to study these documents and come prepared for a day of formative and summative assessments on Monday.

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