The Pressure! Speeches! Summative Assessment! Ahhhhhhhhh!

Today’s mission: Finish preparations for your speech!

First, we begin with a short video. It’s a noodle scratcher (makes ya think, like, hmmmmm . . .). This artist uses money in an unconventional way to make comments on the division of wealth, identity, and The American Dream. He calls the dollar bill “the most successful publication ever printed.”

He also states, “Anarchists are sure I’m an anarchist because I cut up the favorite tool of the oppressor. Capitalists think I’m a capitalist because I revel in it.”

After the video, go here: Mark Wagner Currency Portraits.

Let’s look at the rubric!

And don’t forget to use one or more rhetorical devices! Review here.

The rest of class is for you to work on the note cards for your speech.

You will only be allowed five note cards: introduction, three for the body of the speech, and one for the conclusion.

Remember, the notes cards are to only have an outline. For example:

Recycling is good for the environment, people, and animals (see teacher performance).

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