Homework Review + Speech Prep Time

Hey hey hey,

Welcome to Monday. Nice to see you.

Big stuff is coming up in the next few days. Paramount in your thoughts, I’m guessing, are your speeches. Take comfort in knowing that you have time today and tomorrow to work on them.

First we will look at a great example of the homework. Remember that you will have a summative assessment next Monday.

Speech Analysis Example.

Remember to make a copy of this document¬†and begin making your speech outline. This should go in your “Speech Items” folder.

Only the topic sentences and main points may be in your outline! You should not be reading it like it’s a script!

Other important reminders:

  • Address a counter argument in your first body paragraph
  • Cite evidence in each body paragraph
  • Use transitions words
  • Connect your conclusion to your introduction
  • Include a call to action: What do you want the audience to do?

When you have everything in order, you must get together with your writing partner or another classmate and make a video of you practicing your speech.

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