Wrapping up the Impromptu Experience + Speech Analysis

Happy Friday!

Another week has passed, and the end of the semester continues rocketing directly toward us. Are you feeling the rapidity of the passage of time?

We still have so much to do!

Today, we will finish the impromptu speeches and then continue finding Ethos, Pathos and Logos in famous speeches.

Before you begin: make a new folder called “Speech Items” that you will share with me.

1. Choose a speech from this list: Speech Options.

2. Do a Google search to find a text of that speech. Search with the speaker’s name and the title of the speech.

3. Copy and paste the text into a Google Doc in your “Speech Items” folder.

4. Perform a close reading of the speech (silently/independently).

5. Read it again. This time, highlight in Red for Ethos, Blue for Pathos, and Green for Logos.

6. Then, copy and paste and answer the following questions in complete sentences:

What was the occasion for the speech?

What did the author have to keep in mind when composing the text?

What where his or her goals?

What was his or her ultimate purpose?

How did Ethos affect the speech and the audience?

How did Pathos affect the audience?

How did Logos affect the audience?

Due at the end of class!

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