Happy Friday, 8’ers,

Ahhhhh, the pitter patter of rain drops, like kitten paws on wood flooring, brings us to a state of calm, of reflection, of gently meandering mental shifting.

Hopefully you are finding great information for your project. At this point you should be getting an idea of what kind of story you will tell. Not story as in a fictional character and a made up setting. But a story as in, “Hey, what’s the story on that?” Or, “What’s the story with child labor these days? I thought that all went away after the Industrial Revolution.”

Put your minds together today and write a treatment. A treatment is simply an overview of what your documentary will look like.

Consider this:

Synopsis – a short (1 paragraph) description of the broad themes of your project, and its place and time, as well as a short description of what happens in the film.  Usually the Log Line is contained therein.  The Log Line is a one line description of the action in your film, i.e:

“Twenty male inmates in a Kentucky prison rehearse and perform Shakespeare’s The Tempest over the course of one year.”

The elements below can be described in one (finely crafted) sentence each.

Main Characters – Who are the main characters and why are they interesting?  What do they go through and how do they transform?  What do we learn from them?

Story Structure – a brief mention of how your story will play out structurally, and include any interesting or unique elements of storytelling that you plan to implement.

Style – How will this film look?  What’s your style?  Be specific, use descriptive adjectives and references.  (Do this throughout the treatment)

Format and other production information:  Will you use images or video or both? What about the music? Will you use iMovie or some other software? Do you plan to shoot any of your own video?

As this is a “No Homework” weekend, please have this done by the end of the day and send me an email with a link to your shared Google Doc.

All the best,

Mr. McDavitt

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