Documentary Project + Research

Hello all,

Today we are beginning a project that will take us into the end of next week. It will require you to work in groups and to do research independently.

The essential idea is that we are linking the past to the present. We are making connections and figuring out how conditions have changed and how they remain the same.

We are sometimes horrified when we look back at the Industrial Revolution. Yet, many of the same working conditions exist today. We need only do a bit of research to know the gory details.

The project outline can be found here:

Project and Instructions

We will be conducting our research with the tools available through our library:

Click here for Questia

Your username is

Your password is tiger#

Another resource we will be using today is WebPath Express:

Click here for WebPath Express

Start a new Google Doc that you will share with your group. Add your research.

AES Library Password Page

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