Robber Barons vs. Captains; Philanthropy: How much is enough?; Class Struggle > Narrative

Busy, busy, busy day today!

Chapter One

First: work in your groups for 15 minutes to finish your posters and organize a 2 minute presentation.

Groups present their findings for 2 minutes. Students who are watching are to craft a thesis statement (in the Notes Document) based on the information given.

Discussion and sharing . . .


Chapter Two

The discussion of Robber Baron vs. Captain of Industry brought up an interesting point. Sure, these guys made oodles and oodles of money–but they gave back to society, right? Well, that begs the question: How much is enough? Must we measure in percentages?

We will listen to a story that gets into this. Click here for the transcript.


Chapter Three

Class Struggle. Working Conditions. Wobblies.

Settle in for a read aloud from¬†A Young People’s History of the United States.

Follow along here: Text of Read Aloud


Chapter Four

Narrative Writing.

Use the information you just heard to put some authenticity into your historical narrative.

Choose one of the photos on the wall to write a narrative. Make sure to include:

Plot (Sequence of Events)
Point of View
This should be done in your Writing Notebook/Journal near your other two narratives.
The End

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