Narrative and a Review of the Demise of Cottage Industry

Hey there,

Welcome to another week of linking literature and the Industrial Revolution.

We’re going to begin our Narrative Unit today by discussing the key elements of the genre. We’ll then hear chapter 13 of “Boys” and create a timeline for the chapter, as well as a timeline for the story thus far.

We’ll also do a diagnostic check of how well you can write narratives by writing a response to this photograph at the top of the page.

Music has often been a forum for social commentary. I came across this song over the weekend called Peg and Awl. It fits in with exactly what we spent last week talking about! That is, the birth of the Industrial Revolution and the factory system brought the demise of many artisanal craftspeople.

The article we “Boxed and Bulleted” was dense and difficult. We’ll take a look at this one for a clearer idea of the key ideas behind this transition.

Speaking of transitions, if we have time we will look at this video about the birth of the industrial economy following the civil war.

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