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  • Claim: Maintaining dignity is a big concern for Gopal and his mama.
  • Support/evidence: Notebook situation
  • It is clear and specific
  • Makes a further connection: not everyone would be so concerned about being taken care of, right?

One very interesting Juxtaposition I found in the chapter was when one person was talking in a well-deep voice, and the other was talking in a sharp voice. This really was my favorite example.

Gopal and Aai have really maintained their dignity thus far, and it is of utmost importance to them. An excellent example of the value they place on their dignity was when Gopal went to Chichaji and asked for a notebook. He refused to take it for free, so, in order to maintain his dignity, he found pages and covers for the book himself, so the shop owner would not have to take so much time to do so much work. I love this, because it really shows that whoever a person is, he has empathy and the power to step into another’s shoes, so he can still maintain his (आदर) honor. This is important to him and Aai because everyone is doing so much for them, so they can live an easier life, and also cope with their problems, so it is important to repay those people, so there is not an obligation to them for helping Gopal’s family. I personally take this as an inspiration. That sort of ethical behavior will give you more opportunity to make more friends, better relationships with others, and maybe even yourself.

Further thoughts: honor among the poor; passing on family protocols; juxtaposition of mother/son

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