Why My Life is the Bee’s Knees

Good morning/afternoon! And a most happy happy Friday to you all.

Take a look at this article. Muse. Stew on it. Reflect on the role that writing has in your life and what it can do for you. Are you already a journal keeper? Do you secretly scribble away about  the good and the bad and the confusing complexities that make up existence on this spinning blue dot?

Great. Either way, it’s all good. Which brings us to our mission. Create a new document in your writing folder called Why My Life is ____________. You choose the adjective. Every day you will take five or ten minutes to calmly and contentedly write about something good that happened the day before. If nothing in particular pops into your head, you can sift through your memories and share something wonderful from the past.

Looking forward to it!

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