Reading Log

Hello students! Please follow the link below to the reading log that we will be using this year. Please do the following:

1. Make a copy of the document

2. Rename the document with a title including your name, such as “Jesper Parnavek’s Reading Log”.

3. Fill in one reading habit you will employ and two reading goals.

4. Place the document in your Reading folder and share it with me.


Reading Log to Copy and Rename 


Remember that this log must be updated every day. The total number of books read is not of utmost importance. The crucial element is that you must read every day for at least thirty minutes. Good readers keep records and track their progress!

Some possible skills:

Infer about cause and effect

Infer about character motivation

Track character changes

Monitor your own comprehension


Visualize (possibly sketching, using vivid verbs and strong adjectives to describe)

Empathizing with characters who may or may not have much in common with you


Interpreting symbolism

Interpreting how characters reveal theme

Interpreting how setting impacts theme

Possible habits:

Read one hour each day

Read at the same time every day

Consistently use sticky notes

Make my thinking visible

Try a new genre

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